Disposable Endoscopic Staplers and Reload Unit – PR Reload Unit Series

Disposable Endoscopic Staplers and Reload Unit – PR Reload Unit Series

  • Manufacturer: Triosure
  • Brand: TRIOSURE
  • Category: Endoscopic Staplers

Roticulator Reload Unit Series have applications in abdominal, gynecologic, pediadric and thoracic surgery for resection, transection and creation of anastomosis.


  • Independent blade in each reload to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting, reduce tissue damage.
  • 6 rows of staple lines for both tissue and vascular sulus to maximize the safety of anastomosis and closure.
  • Titanium alloy staplers, bigger tension-resistance on anastomosis.
  • 5 directionsfor the reload articulation.


  • Suture Length: 30-60 mm
  • Trocar Size: 12 mm, 15 mm
  • Compressed Tissue Size: 1.0-2.0 mm
  • Staple Quantity: 6 rows; 48pcs, 66pcs, 90pcs
  • Articulation Angel: 0°, 22°, 45°,

Product Information

Code Description Color Tissue Type Staple Heights
PR30M Articulating Reload Unit – 30mm Gray Vascular 2.0 mm
PR30W Articulating Reload Unit – 30mm White Vascular 2.5 mm
PR45W Articulating Reload Unit – 45mm White Vascular 2.5 mm
PR60W Articulating Reload Unit – 60mm White Vascular 2.5 mm
PR30B Articulating Reload Unit – 30mm Blue Medium 3.5 mm
PR45B Articulating Reload Unit – 45mm Blue Medium 3.5 mm
PR60B Articulating Reload Unit – 60mm Blue Medium 3.5 mm
PR45J Articulating Reload Unit – 45mm Gold Thick 4.0 mm
PR60J Articulating Reload Unit – 60mm Gold Thick 4.0 mm
PR45G Articulating Reload Unit – 45mm Green Extra Thick 4.8 mm
PR60G Articulating Reload Unit – 60mm Green Extra Thick 4.8 mm