Disposable Endoscopic Trocars – TCC Series

Disposable Endoscopic Trocars – TCC Series

  • Manufacturer: Triosure
  • Brand: TRIOSURE
  • Category: Endoscopic Staplers

TCC Series have application for minimal invasive surgeries.


Intended to use in endoscopic surgery to set up an accesible channel during abdominal operation.


  1. Used for different size of devices, easy to operate, Maintained Pneumoperitoneum effectiveness
  2. MRP patented magnetic design, ensureno leak and the puncture lip is clear.
  3. The world’s most advanced non-slip sleeve puncture lip.
  4. No tissue for injury; Prevent puncture hernia.

Product Information

Code Description Inner Diameter Puncture Length Shaft Length
TCC-5-110 Trocar – 5mm port 5.8 mm 110 mm 193 mm
TCC-10-110 Trocar – 10mm port 11.0 mm 110 mm 197 mm
TCC-12-110 Trocar – 12mm port 13.0 mm 110 mm 199 mm
TCC-15-110 Trocar – 15mm port 16.0 mm 110 mm 203 mm